Don't Charge Hourly! Create Packages of Services

One of the first things we do when we take on a freelancer as a client, is to get them to think about creating packages of services…


Questions You MUST Answer

When you make an offer or present a proposal to a potential client, have you assessed whether they are your right fit client, and whether your offer serves them at every stage of their need or hunger?


Winning as an Outcome instead of a Goal

Ted Lasso, the soccer coach from the television show of the same name, liked to say he didn’t care about winning…


Packaging & Pricing 101

We’ve established that the mindset behind charging by the hour is a mindset that will never allow you to scale…


Why You MUST Stop Charging by the Hour

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must break the habit of being paid by the hour…


Four Things Creative Business Owners Must Do

If you are a creative, and you want to make six figures or more, I have good news. You only need to do four things…


How to Triple Your Income by Saying "NO."

If you want to make any real money as a creative, you must pick a target. And there is one key to choosing a target audience..


Know Your Target's Hunger

Who do you want to help? What problem can you solve? Many businesses and freelancers fail because of one thing: they try to serve everyone…

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs - Know what your target hungers for


What's the Crosshair of Commerce?

Your target audience lives in that crosshair where the solution you offer intersects perfectly with your ideal client’s hunger….


Want to Finally Quit Your Job and Start Making a Living as an Artist?

One of our client’s amazing stories about how we coached him to use this one technique to break free of his day job and start working as an artist full time.


Still Creating Content from Scratch?

For years, I was creating my content from scratch. Every week, I’d sit down on Monday to do my marketing copy and think…

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs - Know what your target hungers for


Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

“Everything happens for a reason” has become a popular and oft-repeated phrase, one which we hear employed particularly….


Jess Joswick & Victoria Dew

Every business has a brand, but what that means is often a mystery even to the business owners themselves.


The Science of Success

I’ve been loving this podcast and I highly recommend it to everyone in my community. There are so many opinions on how we achieve happiness and success…


Event + Response = Outcome

A tweak on Jack Canfield’s famous formula.

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