Hello Successful Creatives,

I have some questions for you:

When you make an offer or present a proposal to a potential client, have you assessed whether they are your right fit client, and whether your offer serves them at every stage of their need or hunger?

Does your offer build in a long-term relationship that guarantees you repeat business?

Is it highly leveraging, allowing you to maximize your teams’ effort and minimize duplication, while lifting your clients and your income at the same time?


Does it build understanding, capability, results and referrals?

Do you have a top level offer that provides your client with everything they need to solve their problem that you can charge the maximum amount for, and do you know how many of these you would need to enroll in order to fund your business?

These may seem like questions only big businesses ask, but everyone, including freelancers can use these questions to break out of the trap of charging hourly for their services and trying to chase down any and every person that is willing to pay. If you learn how to craft your offers and utilize good packaging and pricing practices, you can literally transform your business and your life.

Next: I’ll tell you how I quadrupled my income applying these concepts.

To your success,

Melissa McFarlane
Creative Successful Entrepreneurs



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