Hello Successful Creatives,

Who do you want to help? What problem can you solve? Many businesses and freelancers fail because of one thing: they try to serve everyone. They take every client, they take every gig. They are so anxious about keeping the money flowing that they try to be all things to all people. They never make any real money because they don’t consciously choose a target audience that has a problem that they can solve.

If you want to make any real money as a creative, you must pick a target.

And there is one key to choosing a target audience, one thing about them that you must understand:

You must know what they hunger for most.  Sometimes they hunger for a particular pain to stop. Sometimes they hunger for something simple and easy to define, but most of the time, these hungers are complex and far reaching. They want more freedom, more meaning, more purpose.  And when you really, deeply understand your target market from this perspective, and your core competency intersects with a particular person in a way that can satisfy their hunger and alleviate what pains them, when your product or service is the solution to their problem, that is where you find yourself at the crosshair of commerce, and that’s where you have the makings of a six figure business. Here’s the thing about really understanding your target audience’s hunger: it has the power to make or break your deals. It plays a vital role in the success of your business. If you know exactly what your customers struggle with, and what they really, deeply want, you’ll know how to target, develop, and pitch your product or solution in a way that solves their problems. If you can understand and clearly define your right fit client, if you know what they need now, soon, and eventually, and you understand what is negotiable and non-negotiable for them, then you will have taken an enormous step forward in being able to earn from your skill set. This is where we must always start when trying to define our target audience. Unless we truly understand what it is they want, and what it is they want to avoid, we can never build a truly stable and successful business. But if we do, and we can position ourselves as the ONE organization that can help them reach what it is they are really hungry for, and steer clear of things that hurt them, we can build a business that sells itself over and over.

Keep tuned for more on how to do this!


To your success,

Melissa McFarlane
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