Hi Successful Creative!

Your product or business name matters.

No, really. To attract buckets of great clients, position yourself to earn a ton of money and create an awesome referral engine, your name super-duper MATTERS!

In fact, how you name everything in your business is the single most important tool for leverage you can use — and it’s right at your fingertips! Names do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to marketing. Your names power your profits more than any other aspect of your business.

So why do so many creative business owners — established and new to the game — get this wrong? How did I get it wrong? (The video above explains those mistakes and outlines exactly how you can avoid making them yourself.)

In the early years (yes, I said YEARS) of my business I made huge mistakes when naming different aspects of my business and it cost me BIG time (I once estimated my loss from this one mistake at about 1 million. All told over the 12 years during which I conducted business with an ineffective (but very smart/cute) name)!

A good name — whether for your business overall, or for a product, a webinar, virtual offer, live event, program or even a general slogan or tagline — has the power to stop your prospect in his/her tracks; it invites them into your offering, reminds them WHY they need you or your offers, and delights them all at once.

This is a place in your company’s marketing where your creativity really must partner with tried and true business marketing rules. There’s no place for cute or smart in a name (especially if you’re earning less than 100k in personal income annually with your business), UNLESS you’ve ALSO taken into account the basic naming rules (please watch the video above for a thorough explanation of the rules for naming).

If you’re committed to improving income and boosting your traffic, even if you think your business has an awesome name, or you think your products and services may be perfectly aligned together and with your audience, I urge you to watch this episode of The Successful Creative, above.

(Wish you could “test” your name to see how effective it is? Please comment below with the name in question (for a program, business, event, service, product feature or otherwise) and we’ll let you know how well we think it pasts our test!)

More calls, excited prospects, referrals, and a steady income increase are some of the potential outcomes if you take part in this week’s practice that I share on the video.

Post a comment below  with your insights on this. I would love to hear from you.

To your success,
Melissa McFarlane
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