A New Twist on a Proven Formula to Break the Failure Cycle and Finally Get the Results Your Want (Outcome-Driven Thought Model)


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We all have them: pesky, repetitive, underwhelming or downright awful shortcomings — failures — that won’t go away. We know them by their accompanying symptoms: work we don’t love; taxes unpaid each year; weight that hangs on; that same, old argument; anxiety-driven lack of sleep; binge-watching that leaves us numb. Earning survival vs. dream income. Spending more than we earn. The list goes on.

They fly under the radar — hide — so it’s hard to notice the havoc they cause, until a big enough hole in our hopes or dreams appears and we wake for a moment to the destructive force of these little critters.

With determination, therapy, meditation, medication and more, we then crush these annoying habits or results for a moment — but they pop back up before we know it. It’s exhausting over time. But what can a person do? (Depressing, I know. Hang with me though…there’s hope coming.)

About 20 years ago someone shared a little formula, made popular by Jack Canfield, that gave me the key to plugging the holes and burying the Life Destroying Moles for good. It’s simple: E+R=O. You’ve probably seen it: Event + Response = Outcome.

Your power lies in the “R” piece of the equation. However, knowing WHAT one’s “R” (response) should be, can be tricky. Especially when the event & Outcome begin to be one and the same: Debt + ‘your response’=Debt. Hmmmm. Stuck.

In today’s video I share an expansion on this nifty formula that deals entirely with the question of CHOOSING RESPONSE in the face of repeating negative outcomes (familiar disappointments; repetitive failures).

If you have repeating failures that you’re sick and tired of whacking down only to fight again on a new day, watch the videoabove!

With the easy formula I’ve invented, you may find this video gives you the key to changing your business and life.

After you’ve watched and worked through the formula, please post a comment below with your insights on this. I would love to hear what happened for you in the process!


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Melissa McFarlane
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