Hello All!

Lately our business group training calls have all been sparsely attended, and I have a solid hunch as to why: everyone has been playing hooky, savoring the last drops of summer. I’m no different! Just yesterday my whole family awoke at 6am and piled into the car for a final glorious beach day spent jet skiing, golf-carting and generally bumming around on the  shores of beautiful Avalon on the Island of Catalina off the coast of  California; we arrived home near midnight, happy to have snuck off and seized one of the last days of summer.



I’ve noticed that especially during times of change, perspective is everything. For example, on this, the 3rd day of the last week of summer vacation, some in our household are sobered by the approaching uptick in pace, as projects, goals and plans all threaten to fall (with the arrival of fall) front and center on the proverbial plate, the accompanying accountability, responsibility and effort intent on following.  These folk are experiencing the summer doldrums. Yearning for what’s passing or past; putting off the future as long as they can.


Or Drumbeat?

Me, I LOVE this time, because the close of summer brings with it the dawn of a new year for me – my birth month being September.  I love the opportunity the end of summer brings, coming out of a slower pace to “hover-up” above the oncoming maelstrom of my busy business and personal life, survey the future and decide who I NEXT want to become, what hasn’t yet been done, and what more there is to live and be.  Summer’s lazy close-out provides the perfect breather to refocus and begin anew.

For me, this week’s holding pattern isn’t so much a “doldrum” but a silence split by an exciting yet distant drumbeat.

Are you in the doldrums?  Would you like to hear your own drumbeat, rising up from the distance between you and your future, heralding the next great thing?! (Golly – with that swelling invitation how can you refuse?)

This week’s message comes in the form of a special video interview – a visual drumbeat –  to help you slide out of summer on your feet, happy to meet the last quarter of the year. Breathe. Watch. Find your answers (and please do share them with us if you dare!)

The questions on the video above are designed to help you figure out what is next for you. Whether it’s next month, next year or for the rest of your life, what is something you want to accomplish? (You may want to pause the video at each question while you write down your answers.) Enjoy!

To your success,

Melissa McFarlane
Creative Successful Entrepreneurs
Riot for Joy!

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