Hello Successful Creatives,

It’s a powerful phenomenon: the intense brilliance of the sun, eclipsed even partially by the moon, causes the earth to go dark. 


For this relevance-drawing, curiosity-driven coach – an analogy to life and business is inevitable:

What is the “sun” of our service or product? What is most brilliant, treasured, valuable and important to us in our businesses? In our lives?

How do these things get eclipsed on a daily basis?  What defaults in our thinking and behavior slowly, stealthily overtake our priority list, casting shadows of doubt or confusion, and disconnecting us from what matters most in our worlds?

How do our clientele, our income, and our output, somehow fall behind the intended results of our high hopes and confident plans?

When the sun shines brightly things grow FAST!  When overcast skies prevail, the measure of growth slows and life can become dormant.  Ideas, belief, and ultimately actions, shrink and slow to a creeping pace or halt altogether.  

It’s important to keep the sun shining, to stay fueled and focused by the true genius of our product or the critical value of our services.  But how do we do that when shadows of self-doubt and fear or more tangible distractions such as outstanding debts, responsibilities, calendars and a fixation on increasing the bottom-line, begin to cloud our clear view or worse, take up residence in our blue skies?

Accessing the sun, or source, of strength and growth for your business – it’s core value – is possible even when life happens, if we’ve taken care to practice certain growth-stimulating habits.  Slow down just for a second to watch the video above where I share 10 REGULAR HABITS TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS GROWING (Regardless of the Economic Climate or Your Personal Circumstances)

You may be surprised at this list. Steady flow of prospects, ongoing connection with the things you treasure, and profound impact are literally “at your fingertips” when you develop the habits that I share on the video.

Oh, and please post a comment below with your insights on this!  I would love to hear from you.


To download the PDF file –> 10 Regular Habits to Keep Your Business Growing


To your success,

Melissa McFarlane
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