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Here’s some great advice from one of our star clients, Sara Alepin, CEO of District Bliss. She’s basically a marketing genius, so please check out her website! Below she provides some great advice:

For years, I was creating my content from scratch. Every week, I’d sit down on Monday to do my marketing copy and think…

“What the *%!^ am I going to say this week that’s different from every other week?”

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I’d get inspired and write out a whole month in a sprint.

But, then I’d be back to the same old stuff the next month.

And the one after that. And the one after that.

I’d read other people’s newsletters and social media and think, “How did they come up with this?! 

Periodically, I’d burn out and go dark for a few days… weeks?… months?

I’d tell myself, “I’ll never be able to consistently market to my audience.” And, “All of your followers have probably unfollowed now anyway, so why bother?”

Oh, Past Sara. You worked so hard, even when you thought you were working smart.

I got sick of this cycle and brought Kristina Kury, the brilliant mind behind Sprout Creative, onto my team. 

The first thing she did? Taught me to repurpose my content. 

Here are just a couple of easy thing you can do:

  • Turn blog posts into YouTube or TikTok videos
  • Go to chatGPT and type in “Re-write the following blog post” and paste in your post
  • Do the same thing with your marketing emails
  • Engage in partnerships with other content creators to trade content
  • Read over old posts and update them with current information
  • Post content on social media you might have missed. Have you been using Quora and Reddit?

Right away you have created six times the amount of content that you had in the first place.

You’re welcome! 🙂


Article by: Sara Alepin – District Bliss

To your success,

Melissa McFarlane
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