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Lock in half your 2017 income in December 2016!

Learn & practice easy techniques to double your revenues in the new year while enjoying the holidays.


SATURDAY, December 3rd
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Hotel Amarano, Burbank, CA

You are READY to STOP:

  • Wearing 6 Hats When All You Want Is a Calm Profitable Creative Business & Life
  • Starving For Money, Time, Meaning, or Ease In Your Creative Professional Life
  • Working Harder Without Concrete Results
  • Constantly Having to Market and Sell
  • Waiting for the Freedom Having Your Own Business or Freelance Career Promised
  • Hitting an Income Plateau from Doing Everything Yourself, but Not Sure How to Expand

You are READY to START…

  • Knowing Confidently That What You Do Each Day Is Building Income & Moving You Towards Your Goals
  • Having A Stable Base Of Income Locked In Before You ENTER A New Year
  • Commanding a Focused, Profitable, & Fun Business
  • Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor
  • Earning What You Want, Working with People You Adore & Making a Difference with Your Creative Gifts
  • Stepping Your Business Up to the Next Level by Building the Right Team & Getting the Right Help

"Absolutely incredible event, Melissa! So much clarity and value. Astonishing resources and high-end networking. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 

-Yvonne Larson

The Neck Work Expert & Founder, Massage Business Academy


The Creative Entrepreneur VIP Event

Roll Of Bills In A Bow

We thought carefully about what serious entrepreneurs and owners like you need in order to pull ahead in business, FAR ahead, and to see satisfying results from your hard work

This is NOT a day of tips or tricks you already sort of know, yet still don't have the time to implement. 

We know you need fresh ideas, learn-today-implement-tomorrow strategies, and honest insights into the true nature of business. That's why we've designed The Creative Entrepreneur VIP Day: a high-value, full-day event allowing you both the time and the support to make smarter decisions and leap your business forward.  

This focused, high-level, small-group experience will address:

  • Upgrades For Your Existing Clients
  • Loyalty-Building Activities and Conversations
  • How to Fire Up the Referral Engine of Your Current Client Case 
  • Simple Referral Campaign - actual architecture you can implement right away
  • Scripts for Sales Conversations
  • Laser-focused Masterminding Support 
  • High-level facilitation and coaching from your hosts
  • Quality questions and shared stories from accomplished peers

This level of personalized support and training typically costs thousands of dollars. For this special one-day event, you can enjoy expert coaching, ready-to-use tools, valuable networking and inspiring support that will help your business truly take off — at a price that will pay for itself right away.

ACT NOW to claim one of the limited spots available for this event and it's yours for just $29. 

Claim your spot using the button below.

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