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How You Want to Work and Live!

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As a right-brained creative, you deserve business building 
know-how designed for how you want to be in business. 

But there’s a problem… 

Most business training is designed by and for linear, left-brained thinkers. 
You’re drowning in information and advice overload.
 It’s hard to know how to make it all work to create the unique success you desire.

At CSE, we know what it takes to become a successful, creative entrepreneur. 

Since 1997, through our proprietary business training and coaching programs, we’ve been supporting creative business owners – just like you – build businesses that highlight your unique gifts and talents so you can make a bigger difference 
and live the life you desire.

You’re In the Right Place If…


You’re a Coach, Teacher or Healer seeking to grow your platform so you can get your big message and transformational work out into the world.

You’re a Freelance Creative – Designer, Writer, Artist, Coder – with amazing skills and talents seeking to break free of the W-2 grind and make the money you know you’re worth.

You’re a multi-faceted creative and a natural-born problem-solver seeking a proven program to develop your skills and thrive as a creative business coach.


At Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, we know that you want to feel confident in your ability to be 
a successful creative doing the work that you love. 

In order to do that, you need to build a business that fully supports your work and how you want to live. 

The problem is you don’t know how to make this “business thing” work to create the kind of success that you desire which leaves you feeling confused, overwhelmed and wondering if you’ll ever be able to make it happen. 

We believe that as a right-brained, creative entrepreneur, you deserve business building know-how designed for how you think, how you work, and how you want to be in business. 

We understand how to build a creative business because our founder, Melissa McFarlane, and every member of our team, are creatives… just like you. And, since 1997, we have helped hundreds of creative business owners garner the skills and the mindset to achieve success and financial freedom.

3 Steps to Creative Business Success

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