Helping right brain thinkers make a left brain living

Our world needs CREATIVE people in order to survive — sharing their imagination, inspiration, ingenuity, compassion, courage… in short, their creative energy.

Creative people can save the world — if they can stay alive.

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs exists to support YOU, the creative. To enable you to thrive wildly in your business, so you have the power to lift and lead and move us all forward.

But first, you have to decide to move yourself forward.

The world is waiting… for YOU!

About You...

You care. You see what’s needed – how to quickly solve a problem. You don’t have one talent. You’re good at so much! And you can’t STAND to let a need go unanswered.

You want to help. Giving comes naturally to you. You forget yourself. You would do what you do for free if you could, and you do. Way too often.

It’s not helping anyone for Creatives to give away their talent, put off possibilities, or leak half-formed ideas into the world.

Become a Creative Successful Entrepreneur!

Find focus, find ease, and find the tools you need to become RICHLY CREATIVE — to get support and gather force behind your ideas so they can take form, find funding, and take flight!

About Us...

At Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, we help RIGHT-BRAIN thinkers make a LEFT-BRAIN living.

Our goal is to help creative visionaries and mavericks get their big ideas into the world, where those ideas can make a difference.

CSE founder Melissa McFarlane is a seasoned, internationally-recognized coach with over 20 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. She and her team have demonstrated an uncanny, intuitive genius for removing barriers and cutting through personal and organizational roadblocks to allow real emotional, mental, and practical breakthroughs to occur.


You Are…

  • A Maverick Creator: artist, inventor, designer, visionary, revolutionary teacher or alternative practitioner
  • Motivated by passion more than money
  • Committed to your talent or vision at a high cost, or at the expense of a whole‑life experience
  • An extroverted-introvert: eager to support others, but shy about sharing and asking for real help on your own genius ideas
  • Overqualified yet underpaid, either working to lift up someone else’s dream while hoping to fund your own, or
  • Bargaining with the freelance devil, eschewing W2 employment to live your passion
  • Living a modest lifestyle — brillianly broke?
  • Buried in unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas

You’re Ready to…

  • Make good on the promise of your unique talents and skills
  • Finally see your big vision in tangible form
  • Seize your financial goals and make a real positive impact in the world
  • Stop compromising on what non-creatives enjoy: long‑term love, family, vacation time, material gain
  • Find a better way to make your creativity pay, more smartly leveraging your talents and capabilities
  • Break free of money worries at last
  • Have fun playing with other RIGHT-BRAIN WINNERS like you!

Become a Creative Successful Entrepreneur!


An additional $5,000 in revenue

“I can’t believe how easy! In just five short minutes, Melissa gave me everything I needed to boost my income by 30%. I used the information an hour later and immediately made $1500! Melissa showed me how I was leaving a LOT of money on the table, doing business as usual. I corrected the problem, and have now secured an additional $5000 in revenue this year alone. Melissa’s coaching is laser-like and you can take it to the bank!”

Paula Sanchez

Street Warrior Fitness

From 0 to $2,000 in just a few weeks

“I found Melissa just a few weeks ago and went from confusion, overwhelm, and zero knowledge about how to effectively develop my idea, to putting a name and tagline on my business, $2000 in my pocket, and a fast-growing list of eager clients in my hand. I cannot believe how fast Melissa got me up to speed. Her wisdom, practical skills, deep business knowledge and sheer belief in me was mind-boggling and incredibly helpful.”

Bart Ryan

Grasshopper Training & Self‑Development

Multiple five-figures in about 90 days

“It’s unbelievable that four months ago I didn’t even have my own business! Here is what has happened for me working with Melissa: I got a business, I have a web site, and I’ve grown at a high speed in skill and use of technology. I have already grossed multiple five-figures!!! WOW. Melissa kept saying, “Build a Better Business, Build a Better You” — that became my mantra. Melissa has been my fearless coach!! I hate to think of trying to do this without her.”

Valorie Hubbard

Actor’s Fast Track

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