Begin your journey to 6 and 7 Figures today:

Book “Your Next 6 Figures” Traction Strategy Call With Us Now!

Begin your journey to 6 and 7 Figures today:

Book “Your Next 6 Figures” Traction Strategy Call With Us Now!

In this Strategy Call, we will help you to:



  • Identify your “right-fit” client – When you know exactly who will buy high-ticket and stay loyal forever, marketing and sales get so much easier!

  • Discover the Best Offer to Sell Right Now  – Working hard at the wrong thing can be break your spirit. It can also be expensive. We’ll help you see the right offer for your stage in business – the one that will deliver more freedom and income…fast!

  • Your Client Magnet – You know the saying: “If a tree falls in a forest…” What’s the point of having a GREAT OFFER if no one knows about it? We’ll show you the simplest path to magnetize your right-fit clients to your offer easily and reliably.

  • A Proven Sales Script – We’ll share our proven sales script and show you how to use it to close interest into a high-ticket sale.

  • Mindset For Success – We’ll help you get clear and to clear your path of obstacles before you start building (or re-building) your business.


Just Some of Our Happy Clients
I didn’t have a business, name, packages, offers or anything else before CSE. Just an idea. 2 years later I can support myself (through a pandemic) and it’s incredible. I hit my first income goal and I’m on my way to the next. I’m incredibly fulfilled because I can help people, see their results and make others around me build a business.
Kristina Kury

CEO & Founder, Sprout Creative

I’ve been bragging about you and your company to anyone who will listen! I wanted you to know that I made over $6000 on my business over the last few days. I credit you with really helping me change the way I think about, brand, and how to market my business. Your bootcamp made all the difference. Thank you!
Laura Lundy-Paine

CEO, Blue Panther Productions

I learned a reliable, repeatable, step-by-step procedure for closing sales with clients I love and a schedule I control. I tripled my income within 8 months (from mid 5 figures to 6 figures), and most importantly, learned to believe in myself and my ability to help the world.
Andreas Kraemer

CEO, Elite Business and Life

Before speaking to Melissa, I never could say, “I’m excited about doing sales calls.” Now I look forward to jumping on the phone. I know with each call that I make, I’m one step closer to reaching my goals!

Cat Miggs

Professional Actor, Vice Squad: NYC, Star's Gotta Show

Working with Melissa, I was able to streamline my sales cycle and build a confident sales plan that even I could follow. I wouldn’t be moving forward this fast or this productively without her!

Erin Smilkstein, MA.Ed.

Author: Your Amazing Itty Bitty Prospect-to-Profit Lead Generation Book

I took away so much from CSE about marketing pathways, how to price packages, how to close sales and how to build a path to that ultimate conversion. Now I’m much clearer on how to build an effective, high-converting funnel. And, I realized that what I learned can be applied to any business.
Tanya Mitra

CEO, Your Empowered Revolution

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