Founded by Melissa McFarlane, our mission at Creative Successful Entrepreneur, is to provide training and coaching that can pave the way for creative entrepreneurs to build vibrant businesses that support their work and their lives. We believe creatives and artists of all genres, with their abundance of imagination, ingenuity, and courage, hold the key to building a better world. Most business training programs are built by linear, left-brained thinkers for linear, left-brained thinkers, leaving non-linear, “creative” thinkers out in the cold. As the go-to resource for those seeking to become Creative, Successful, Entrepreneurs, our goal is to serve as a launching pad for the realization of their important work so they can touch more lives and make a bigger difference.


Through our signature course, Creative Business Breakthrough, plus options for individual and group coaching, creative entrepreneurs, like you, can discover how to chart their course to success and have access to a community that understands ands supports the creative spirit.


We believe in the power of creative business as an agent of positive change. We believe in you as a confident and successful, creative entrepreneur. We promise to be with you every step of the way.


I’m Melissa McFarlane, actor (yes?), <what other creative or artistic profession(s) should we list here?>, turned key-note speaker, executive coach, and founder of Creative Successful Entrepreneur. 

I started Creative Successful Entrepreneurs because, after an exhaustive search that included lots of trial and error, and way too much money down the drain, I realized that the reason I couldn’t find business-building training that worked for me as a creative, was because it simply didn’t exist.
 And, I also realized that so many of my brilliant friends, some working artists and others with big ideas and a heart to make a difference, were struggling, and that I could make a difference in their lives by sharing what I was learning. I decided to build a business around helping my “starving artist” friends grow their reach, impact more people, make more money and live an extraordinary life… and to do so on their own terms. I believed that every artist and creative deserves to make great money building a business doing work that they love, and I believe that you do too.


  • If you’re a big vision creative longing to make a difference, I’m here to believe in you and your vision.
  • If you’re a working artist who’s brilliance deserves to be experienced by many more people, I’m here to help you master the art of being discovered.
  • If you have a heart to help others and are seeking to find a meaningful way to be of service, I am here to give you the tools to be successful.

Whatever has called you here, I’m grateful to be a part of your journey.