Creative Successful Entrepreneurs offers a range of coaching programs. Our coaching groups will give you the training and support you need to take your creative business to the next level or launch it off the ground.

With our tailor-made membership levels, you will find the perfect group for your coaching needs. Each level has an intimate circle of creative professionals who not only share in the experience but who will also help you stay accountable for your goals, encourage your progress and celebrate your success. Along with group training and support, you will receive strategic one-on-one coaching from a CSE Coach to really help you leap forward in your mission. In addition you will have access to in-depth resources, live events and retreats, and our private online forum all year long. 

Who You Are…

  • A Maverick Creator: artist, inventor, designer, visionary, revolutionary teacher or alternative practitioner
  • Motivated by passion more than money
  • Committed to your talent or vision at a high cost, or at the expense of a whole‑life experience
  • An extroverted-introvert: eager to support others, but shy about sharing and asking for real help on your own genius ideas
  • Overqualified yet underpaid, either working to lift up someone else’s dream while hoping to fund your own, or
  • Bargaining with the freelance devil, eschewing W2 employment to live your passion
  • Living a modest lifestyle — brilliantly broke?
  • Buried in unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas

You Are Ready to…

  • Make good on the promise of your unique talents and skills
  • Finally see your big vision in tangible form
  • Seize your financial goals and make a real positive impact in the world
  • Stop compromising on what non-creatives enjoy: long‑term love, family, vacation time, material gain
  • Find a better way to make your creativity pay, more smartly leveraging your talents and capabilities
  • Break free of money worries at last
  • Have fun playing with other RIGHT-BRAIN WINNERS like you!


Here are a just a few ways we can work together based on where you are creatively and professionally.

The Freelance Artist

You have a talent or skill you have developed, but the world doesn’t know about or truly appreciate it…yet. You are looking to make a comfortable living while maintaining creativity. You may even have an idea for a business.

…you are ready for the WINNER’S CLUB.

The Creative Professional

You are passionate about learning all that you can about how to be a creative entrepreneur. You want to take your business to the next level and really make a difference in the world.

…you are ready for the WINNER’S INNER CIRCLE.

The Maverick Creative Business Owner

You have achieved a level of success and have a some traction in your career or business. Now you want to leverage your efforts to reach more people, reap more financial and personal rewards and create a legacy. You dream large and want to move quickly.


You don’t have to sacrifice your creative freedom for financial success. 

Each program covers several aspects of starting and running a successful creative business. Throughout the year you will move through the four pillars of business as well as several important additional areas to strengthen your mindset.





Product & Service Design


Backend Management


“I have a photography business that I’ve felt is hard to expand because I need to be there.  I was looking for a way to leverage more income from the business without working harder. Taking this program gave me incredible solutions for working with more clients and really helping them better while reducing the chaos and hard-work-for-low-pay scenario I’d been experiencing.”

Laura Carson – Founder of Laura Carson Photography

“Committing to this program and to the decision to really have a creative business — not just creative work — has helped me step up and “own” being a business owner. I have a responsibility to my business and my team to show up in a way I never really had before. As Melissa likes to say, “Build a better business, build a better you.” This is 100% true. I can now talk to people about my business, or get up in front of a room, in complete confidence. I’ve gone from freelance artist to CEO.”

Parker Bennett – Founder of Aligned Online

“Melissa changed the way I view the world and the possibilities for me as an artist. After years of believing my life in the theater would never become a professional career, I began working with Melissa and my business exploded, faster and with more financial success than I ever could have dreamed. I see possibilities in everything, and there is no limit to what I can achieve. I wish this transformative experience for everyone, and the courage to take that first step. The joy of discovering how much more you can offer the world through your passion and skill as an artist will knock your socks off.”

Laura Lundy – Producer & Founder of Blue Panther Productions

“After all the years of being told I really should “do” something with my unique, longtime front-row experience in the biggest pop culture franchise in the world, I immediately knew that Melissa and her Creative Successful Entrepreneurs’ vibe totally “got” the potential and how to help me own it. For bringing even the most unique business to life with coaching, tools, community and presence, I can’t recommend Successful Creative Entrepreneurs enough—the name means exactly what it says.”

Larry Nemecek -Founder of Portal 47

The Winner’s Club is for freelancers, artists, or people with a great idea for a creative business who is ready to learn what it takes to build a creative business or apply creative business skills to making their freelance career more successful.

Winner’s Club members are committed to learning, earning more, growing their audience, developing their offerings, getting more gigs, and representing themselves professionally.

The Winner’s Inner Circle is for creative business owners who are ready to transform their great idea(s) and skills into sustained profit and having a thriving personal and creative life.

Winner’s Inner Circle members are hard-working, but sick of struggling and ignoring half or more of what they want in order to achieve only part of their dream. They are committed to learning, growth and earning $50,000 more in the coming year.

The Champion’s Inner Circle Mastermind is for maverick creative business owners who yearn to transform decades of hard-won career success and are ready to experience the fulfillment of their big vision reaching more people, receiving more financial and personal rewards and creating a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Champion’s Inner Circle Mastermind members dream big and don’t have any more time to lose bringing that dream to life.

Interested in joining the CSE Community?

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