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You are faced with a choice. Will you gather expert support around you, or will you continue to bank on your own energy and efforts? Will you take a stand for your gifts making a greater impact, or will you stay “safe” in your workshop or coffee shop? Listen to your heart’s calling, NOW.

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Who is CSE?

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, or CSE for short, exists to support YOU, the creative.

Our company provides coaching and support to enable you to thrive wildly in your business, so you have the power to lift, lead, and move us all forward. 

Our coaches, in-house entrepreneurs, and client support staff have diverse backgrounds and skills that will drive you forward in your goals. 

Meet the Team 

I love working with like-minded people who share my dreams and struggles. And because we all share the same CSE language, we can communicate, coach, and support one another in between sessions.

Kim Wimmer

Founder of The Invincible Artist


Coaching with CSE will give you the training and support you need to take your creative business to the next level or launch it off the ground. With our tailor-made programs, you will find the perfect group for your coaching needs. Each level has an intimate circle of creative professionals who not only are sharing the experience with you but will also help you stay accountable for your goals, encourage your progress and celebrate your success. Along with group training and support, you will receive strategic coaching from a CSE Coach all year long.



We teach you how to understand the value of what you have, and how to share it with the world effectively so that everyone benefits.


We help you find and align with your ideal audience, backers, and friends who see the power of your idea and are eager to get it into the world for you.


We train you to know what matters most and to take brave action so you reach your BIG goals in record time.

Melissa is extraordinary at coaching on both the business strategies AND the personal development work you need to have a profitable creative business. She helps you create your vision, clear any roadblocks standing in the way, and help bring that vision into reality. She helped me work smarter not harder, cutting my work hours by 50% while still earning the same amount of money I used to make at double the hours. She also freed me from being overwork and burnout, so I could create a balanced life I love, full of creativity, travel and fun. Melissa is truly one of the best business coaches out there!
Michelle Lange

Founder of M Lange Media

That I dared to take this chance, to risk reaching for my greatest career goals rather than waiting forever for someone to give me permission is, to a larger extent than I like to admit, because of a woman named Melissa McFarlane. She came to me for some mentoring as a writer, figured out that I would rankle at the thought of being coached on my career and success and then went ahead and did it for me secretly, without telling me that’s what she was doing.  She’s kind of great. She’s helping creative types make a living like regular people, without turning into regular people.

Dylan Brody

Founder of Active Productions

Want a hands-on experience?

Join us at one of our many business building events. Where our coaches will guide you through the various aspects of  creating or improving your business.

We host several year round so check out our events page for upcoming opportunities.


What are people saying about CSE?

Before working with Melissa McFarlane we had been in business for over 5 years and we had already experienced some success, but we knew that we wanted to take our business to the next level. …Within 6 months we booked $50,000 worth of clients – all in a period of about 5 weeks. Overall, in the year we spent working with Melissa, we tripled our business! Now, we are more confident in who we are and what we offer, we have systems in place that are working for us, and our bank account is much healthier than it was before, all thanks to Melissa McFarlane & CSE!

Jaime Geffner

Co-Founder of Geffner Productions

Melissa did not ask me to believe in anything – not a deity, not a method, not a set of principles, not even in Melissa herself.  She asked only that I execute simple tasks which she clearly laid out before me, even if I couldn’t possibly see the point. And despite my distaste for all of it, despite my reluctance to be swayed, despite my lack of faith in anything at all, the simple assignments, coupled with Melissa’s insights, produced life-altering results. Melissa is incisive without being critical, she’s knowledegable without being imperious, she’s kind without accepting self-deception, she’s wise without being obtuse, and she’s unfailingly supportive without being phony. In short, Melissa is one of the few people I’ve ever met who is actually suited to helping people fulfill the promise of their own lives.

Eric Karten


Melissa’s stunning intuitive powers, rigorous insistence on “doing the math” and deep compassion have guided me through countless stuck places into a whole new realm of personal satisfaction and business success. She has helped me define goals and then held me accountable when all I wanted to do was change the subject. Her support has been invaluable.

Beatrice Briggs

Founder of International Institute of Facilitation and Change

Melissa McFarlane is one of the most creative business thinkers I have ever worked with. Her ability to see, define and articulate what I (and other artistic entrepreneurs) need to grow a business is remarkable. Her feedback was direct, yet gracious, so at no time did I feel embarrassed about where I was stuck or unclear. Melissa is caring, knowledgeable and so committed to my success…at times she has held a space for me I have struggled to hold for myself. I cannot recommend Melissa highly enough for anyone seeking outstanding guidance to grow their small business into a large, dynamic and profitable one.

Virginia Rowland

Founder of Creating Your Ideal Home